What does Vermouth mean |Types of Vermouth?

Vermouth is a fortified wine & aromated wine. Its name from German word. It is made from grapes.

Wermut means worm woods ( 1st marketed as medicine for theropatic & digestive properties).

  • Italian vermouth refers to sweet & red.
  • French vermouth refers to dry

Both countries France & Italy makes all types of vermouth.

Different types of vermouth

Dry vermouth

Sweet vermouth

Bianco vermouth

Rose vermouth

  • Dry vermouth: It is term as french dry white wine flavoured & fortifies light yellow golden colour.

  • Sweet vermouth: Italian vermouth reddish brown in colour & sweet from white wine flavoured coloured with caramel.

  • Bianco vermouth: Sweetened with mistellie( alcoholic rich behaviour ) & sugar.

  • Rose vermouth: It is less. sweet than bianco & coloured with caramel.


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